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Do I need a building permit ?

21 Mar 2019

Do you plan to carry out renovation work in your home?

You may have to obtain with your municipality a building permit appropriate to the nature of the work you wish to undertake. Check first with your municipality.

When your municipality will deliver your building or renovation permit, they will inform the RBQ of all the building permits which have been granted. This information is also communicated to the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) and to Revenu Québec. This information enables the government to know where the construction sites are located, to verify the licences and permits and to contribute to tax fairness and to consumer protection.

During the time a construction or conversion project is being carried out, the permit delivered to this effect by your municipality must be displayed in full view at the work site.

Be careful if you do renovations without the appropriate permit : you risk a fine and if the project is not authorized, you risk, in addition to that, having to demolish it.

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